Combining Emotional Expresions to create Personalities

Start neutral.

Randomly select a facial expression.

Some trace of the selected facia expression is imprinted on the neutral face

Next (and subsequent) facial expressions are selected with a weighted probability favoring the last one selected.

In other words, the probabliity of selecting the same expression again (out of the selection shown above) is 1/4, while the probability of selecting any of the other expressions is 1/8.

At each iteration, some trace of the selected facial expression is imprinted on the face.

More iterations results in more deformation.

Sample of results:

Observation: more iterations, higher degreee of deformation, makes faces appear older.

Animation of face deforming over hundreds of iterations:

This work was published in the Leonardo Journal, Volume 55 Issue 2 (April 2022).

This work was made possible by the Faber Residency.